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Child Therapy

for Children of All Ages

I am privileged to work with children of all ages. Much of my work is grounded in child-centered play therapy because it is the best medium we know to make connection with kids in a way that they understand and can utilize. For young children, play is the medium to express themselves and to gain mastery over challenges in their environment. It is their "language" and their course of meaningful action.

But, of course, as children mature, they take on increasingly more language and problem solving abilities. These kids still benefit from action-based therapy where play and activity is honored, but they increasingly move to more verbal and cognitive forms of learning and reflection. I tailor what I do to each and every child, taking into account their particular developmental stage, learning style and preferences for making connection with me. Some kids play for a long time while other kids move into greater desire for talk therapy. This makes our work fluid and dynamic and ever changing in response to the child's natural unfolding.

I practice as a child therapist in support of children gaining full expression of themselves. But my work is not in isolation. I also work closely with you, as parents, so that we can build an integrated plan of support, using your expertise and mine, to help your child be the best that they can be!

Play Therapy: Services
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